Development history
  • 2017Introducing strategic cooperation and developing international markets;  Ochemate established strategic cooperation and launches international business activities.

  • 2013Ochem became Ochemate Advanced Material Technologies. It focuses on the application of advanced water treatment chemicals、new technologies and materials.

  • 2011A member of the World Bank Group IFC (IFC) and Ashmore (Moore at Cci Capital Ltd) .Received asset injection $50 million for Microvast.

  • 2006Microvast completed a fully funded OCHEM acquisition.  Ochem became a subsidiary of US based company Carbon Materials; OMEX Environmental (aka DOW UF) was acquired by the DOW Chemical Company in 2006. 

  • 2005OMEX ENVIROMENTAL ENGINEERING launches membrane bioreactor (MBR) and strengthened market position internationally.

  • 2004Ochem was established.

  • 2003OMEXELL expanding ultrafiltration membrane production line.  Became the market leader for ultrafiltration membranes in China .

  • 2002OMEX ENVIROMENTAL ENGINEERING established membrane based water treatment technologies as the preferred technology for treating wastewater.  Became the leader in membrane based water and waste water treatment systems and the advanced technology representative of China's water treatment engineering and manufacturing industry.

  • 2001OMEX ENVIROMENTAL ENGINEERING modern large-scale assembly and manufacturing plant is formally put into operation in Huzhou, Zhejiang. OMEX ENVIROMENTAL ENGINEERING became the leading water treatment system manufacturer in China.

  • 2000OMEXELL was founded and manufactures membrane products (UF/EDI).
    OMEX ENVIROMENTAL ENGINEERING provided comprehensive solution of water treatment for users including application development, equipment manufacturing, engineering,, installation and operation services.

  • 1999OMEX China's wholly owned subsidiary, OMEX ENVIROMENTAL ENGINEERING set up factories in Huzhou, Zhejiang.

  • 1996OMEX established in China for industrial water treatment services catering China market.